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The 11th of November is a time to reflect on the men and women who have so bravely served our country. Some will return home in body and others will return in spirit, having paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect their own and afford us the freedoms that we enjoy every day.

Today, we would like to share with you a story that was shared with us by a colleague of Cameron’s, Darren Peters. This is a story of the night of the 23 November 2007.

Hi All, I need to get this out of my head.

I was there on the ground that day when one of our finest, Luke Worsley was knocked. We were out in the middle of nowhere. What the boys from Bravo Company 4 RAR, SOTG V did for him over an 18 hour plus period is something I will never forget. His mates did everything they could for him and then some. Just after midnight of the 22nd and going in to the morning of the 23rd I can remember hearing over the radio that we had a man down. We were in our harbor securing the Vehicles at the drop off point. The boys had been on target for about 8 plus hours then they were told to stretcher carry Luke over 3km km from the fire fight.

I can remember looking up and seeing the Company coming over the hill carrying Luke on the stretcher. Every man wanted to carry him. They had been at it for over 12 hours, they were all tired and they were hurt, but in true Grunt fashion they were NOT BLOODY BEATEN, at NO TIME WOULD THEY EVER GIVE UP. At that very moment I was thinking, how proud I was to be there, I just witnessed something un-fucking believable. Before Luke was to be taken of the battlefield by chopper, he was placed in one of the Bushmasters. Everyone from the Company had the opportunity to go in pay their respects and say goodbye, which they all did. Me personally, I held his hand and said a prayer Psalm 23:4( Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. ), I also told him that one day we will all be reunited in Valhalla and he would not be forgotten.

On our return to Camp Russell we were allowed a few beers. Everyone banded together and paid their respect in their own way. While we were all in the building used as a recreation room just talking away, one of the blokes whose name I cannot recall played the Dire Straits song, Brothers In Arms. Every one stopped what they were doing, there was complete silence.

Once that song was finished a young man grabbed his guitar and went up the front of the room. A strapping young lad that was already a legend within the Company and his unit. You have to remember that this is in November 2007. This man and his guitar started to play a song, a song that, funny enough, still haunts me today. The song was “I hope you had the time of your life, by Greenday”. It was a pretty good rendition of the son that would give any musician a run for their money. A few years after this event this man and his guitar, went on to become legend, he went on to become immortal in 2013.

This man’s name is Cameron Baird VC MG the 100 recipient of the Victoria Cross.


Darren Dazz Peters WO2 (Ret)

Thank you Darren. LEST WE FORGET