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ANZAC Day Appeal tokens RSL NSW

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RSL Appeals NSW is honouring some of our fallen Australian Defence Force personnel as part of our ANZAC Day Appeal 2015.  We are proud of our service men and women past and present, and would like to take this opportunity to shine the light on the 4 members who appear on our ANZAC Day Appeal cards 2015. These men gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We Will Remember Them Lest We Forget

LACM Noel Shipp – On 31 May 1969, his RANHFV aircraft came under intense fire from automatic weapons. Shipp hung half outside his aircraft, exposing himself to rocket back blast and intense enemy fire to bring more effective fire to bear on the target. Shipp’s pilot was hit and the gunship rapidly lost altitude, crashing and exploding in the jungle below.  During the entire run, up until the moment of impact, Shipp was seen delivering devastating fire into the enemy positions.  All four crew members perished.
Lest We Forget

CPL Cameron Stewart Baird VC MG – On 22 June 2013, a Commando Platoon of the Special Operations Task Group conducted an assault into Uruzgan province. After insertion, CPL Baird’s team was engaged from several enemy positions.  Corporal Baird quickly seized the initiative, leading his team to neutralise the positions and enabling the assault to continue.  An adjacent Special Operations Task Group team came under heavy fire, resulting in its commander being seriously wounded – CPL Baird led his team to provide support.  On three separate occasions CPL Baird and his team charged the enemy-held building within the compound with CPL Baird drawing enemy fire away from his team.  On the third attempt the enemy was neutralised and the advantage was regained, but CPL Baird was killed in the effort.
Lest We Forget

P/O Rawdon Middleton VC – On 28 November 1942, heading to the Fiat works in Turin, Italy Middleton’s aircraft was hit – a shell exploded in the cockpit wounding Middleton in the face and destroying his right eye.  The same shell wounded the second pilot and wireless operator.  Middleton lost consciousness and the aircraft dived to 800 feet before the second pilot brought the aircraft under control.  When Middleton regained consciousness he began the long flight back to England.  The crew discussed abandoning the aircraft or trying to land in France but Middleton decided to head for England and only with minutes of fuel left Middleton ordered the crew to abandon the aircraft.  Five men left the stricken plane and two remained on board to help Middleton before attempting to parachute to safety – unfortunately both drowned.  The Stirling then crashed into the sea, killing Middleton.
Lest We Forget

CPL Mathew Hopkins – CPL Mathew Hopkins, known as ‘Hoppy’ to his mates, was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and arrived in Australia with his family in 1988.  He was posted to the 5/7th Battalion, the Royal Australia Regiment 10 September 2005, where he fulfilled a number of junior soldier roles and qualified as a M113 Crewman Driver.  He was promoted to Corporal just before his 21st birthday in August 2008.  CPL Hopkins was serving with the Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force in Afghanistan when he was killed while conducting a patrol near Kakarak when his team were engaged by a group of about 20 Taliban on 16 March 2009.
Lest We Forget

We will post additional information regarding events for the ANZAC Day Appeal as they are finalised, so please check back regularly for updates.

Contact: Cecelia Palmer 9264 8188 ext 617.

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