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Cam’s Cause in collaboration with Platatac & Elliot Brown Watches (UK) are proud to release a very limited Cam Baird Elliot Brown Holton Professional watch.

This bespoke and discreet commemorative time piece to honour Cameron will incorporate unique features including Cameron’s signature painted face embossed on the rear, B for B Company at the 3 o’clock, red 31 minute mark for Cam’s R31 callsign and the Broad Arrow logo of the company with which Cam proudly served in – 079 Commando.

The Elliot Brown Holton Professional was developed in response to a request from a specialist Tier 1 branch of the military who demanded a fit-for-purpose professional watch capable of a life in the field.

It’s the first military issued watch from a British company in over ten years and prior to being approved, was the subject of intense testing, surviving some of the most hostile conditions imaginable.

The Brief: capable of prolonged exposure to water and dust, durable, shock resistant, clear visibility day or night, unidirectional timing bezel operable with a gloved hand, easy strap changes and comfortable strapping options that don’t break.

The specification of the bezel gives a perfect insight into the level of detail required for the project to be successful. A precise 120 click high grip bezel houses a stainless steel insert precisely embossed with hours and minutes indentations then flooded with high grade C3 Super Luminova. The hobnail outer knurling is slightly higher than the insert to form a high grip surface for trustworthy operation even when using the palm of a wet gloved hand. Both components are matt bead blasted, hardened to 1200HV (Vickers hardness scale) then a 0.8 micron PVD coating is applied whose hardness matches that of the stainless steel components.

Straps are easily changed and secured via solid steel screw in bars operated with a five lobe tool and matching socket in the strap bar ends.

This is your chance to purchase this very limited tribute to Cameron and own one of only 101 produced – one for each Australian VC. All watches will be numbered 001 to 101 and issued on a first come first served basis including special requests, so do not delay your order for that special number.

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