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Congratulations to the Redland Sharks on another great year of football.

Over the last 2 weeks the Redland Sharks have celebrated another great year with presentation days and dinners.

This year Cam’s Cause was again very proud to sponsor the Cameron Baird VCMG Grand final medals for two junior teams, the U14 Boys and U13 Girls. Congratulations to both teams on exciting wins and congratulations to Blake Philp (U14 Boys) and Alyx Clarkson (U13 Girls) who were awarded the Cameron Baird VC MG Grand Final medals (see photos below).

Last night our Colts Team (photo below) held their presentation evening. 2017 was the fourth year that the Corporal Cameron Baird VC MG Award for Courage and Leadership was presented.

The award this year was earned by Lucas Keating (photo below). Lucas has been part of the Cam’s Cause program at the Redland Sharks since its inception in 2014 and a very deserving winner showing all the attributes that this award represents. The Colts Coach Mark Sherwood described Lucas as a player that all of the team could count on and a player that defiantly “leads from the front”. Congratulations to Lucas from the Baird Family and all at Cam’s Cause.

Cam’s Cause wishes to sincerely thank the coaching staff of the Colts & the players for allowing us to be a small part of the 2017 season. In particular our tanks to Mark Sherwood who’s support over the past 4 years has been one of the main reasons for the success of the partnership between the Sharks and Cam’s Cause.

Next year sees a change at the Sharks as they become the “Victoria Point Sharks”. Cam’s Cause looks forward to being part of another exciting year with the Sharks and wishes them all the best for the 2018 season.