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VC recipient Cameron Baird a special inspiration to family, friends

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Christian Dyer with a photo of Cameron Baird at Jack Ginifer Reserve. Picture: Hamish Bla

Christian Dyer with a photo of Cameron Baird at Jack Ginifer Reserve. Picture: Hamish Blair


HE was the best mate a guy could have — on and off the battlefield. A year after war hero Corporal Cameron Baird died protecting his team in Afghanistan, his friends and family are determined to keep his legacy alive.

His remarkable valour in drawing enemy fire away from comrades as his team attacked an insurgent-held compound on June 22, 2013, earned him the 100th Victoria Cross.

But the courageous commando’s loved ones also want him remembered for his quieter achievements.

Like his tireless work raising funds for families of other ­soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, his sportsmanship and desire to inspire the next generation.

His best friend Christian Dyer is also pushing for the talented footballer’s name to be immortalised at the childhood sporting ground where his love of the game began.

He has nominated “Bairdy” for a posthumous Pride of Australia medal and said putting others first was a character trait that permeated his life.

“His bravery and putting himself in harm’s way for his team was completely his character, and we want to remember that,’’ he said.

“He was a soldier that everyone wanted to be, but not just that — he was a special guy, an all-round good guy.

“Everyone knew who Cam was, and everyone loved him. He was always a leader, he always looked out for his mates, ever since he was young.’’

Mr Dyer has applied to Hume Council for his name to adorn a pavilion at the Jack Ginifer Reserve in Gladstone Park, where he honed his athletic skills as a child.

A group of friends is also ­organising what they hope will become an annual fundraiser, “Cam’s Cause’’, to raise money for the Commando Welfare Trust.

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